Parenting Distraction Number One

Priorities, Priorities, Priorities.

I know what mine are. You know what yours are. Right? So why do we get distracted. Especially by things that don’t matter – at all. How can we stay focused on our priorities?

I think doing it together and talking about it is one great way to stay focused. That’s what I am doing here, and hey, you are reading this so go ahead and follow my blog and send me some comments. It can kind of be like virtual accountability.

Hi, my name is Carrie. My priorities are to LOVE GOD, grow in my relationship with Him, Love my family, and let them know I am completely crazy about them.

I want Lyndsey to know that she is incredibly thoughtful and caring. I love the fact that she wants to make friends with every little kid she meets. I love that she is compassionate to anyone who is sad or hurt.

I want Alyssa to know that she is so fun and funny and lovable and that she gives the very best hugs in the world. I love that everyone who meets her says she is full of spirit and that she is a ham. She can always make me smile and laugh.

I want my husband to know that I am so blessed to be his wife. I am blessed because I never doubt that he loves me. I am blessed because he wants to spend time with me. He is so good to me. And he is a good guy. He has integrity. I am proud of him because he always does his best at everything he does. He finishes what he starts and he finishes well. He cares about our family. He is such an amazing daddy and his daughters adore him. I am blessed, but I am guilty of forgetting his 99% amazing qualities and noticing his 1% fault. (Why do we do that ladies!?? Maybe this deserves another whole post.)
DSC_0634 - Version 2

Who are the priorities in your life? I hope your priorities are a who. Not a what. Unless the what is something that is serving God and serving people in love. But then it’s still a who…

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions.

What can possibly cause me to be distracted from the most important people in my life? There is no way a silly little device that goes with me everywhere and seems to have my whole life on it could distract me from them – right?

photo (1)

I think it starts like a magazine in doctor’s office. Something to keep me from being bored. But then, especially with smart phones, it turns into not allowing your brain to even approach boredom. Like we have forgotten how to just rest our brains for a minute. And then it turns into: “well this conversation isn’t completely entertaining me so I think I’ll just check my phone as this person is talking to me.” I am guilty. I will say it now.
Photo Credit EIU on Flickr

There are other distraction but my phone is number one.

I have been thinking about this, this week. I wrote this as a rough draft and then just thought about it before I was ready to post. I wanted to set some specific rules for myself and my phone usage. But I realized just being aware of it is almost good enough. Almost. We tend to forget things are important and why they are important. And in this case when my phone makes a little blingy bling bling noise, I want to see what interesting thing could it say. Oh, I stopped playing with my kids to see that so- and-so who I barely know, liked a comment I made about something I don’t even remember commenting on. Not important!

I mean, if the world was coming to an end, or if aliens invaded, or if anything REALLY important was happening, someone would probably call me, right? I wouldn’t need to check facebook or twitter. And if the Giants have the most amazing play of the entire season, they will probably show that on the highlights later, right?! I guess my point is all of our entertainment has become something that seems so immediately necessary. But all of it will be the same if we look at it in 5 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 hours.

My goal with my phone this summer is to set it down and rarely look at it. If someone calls, or texts, I will answer. Or, if I am busy playing with my kids, I will call them back. Besides that, I do not need to look at social media until the end of the day when my kids are in bed. I’m going to give it a try. Why do I feel nervous saying this? Why does social media have any kind of hold on me at all? Can I remember one thing I read on facebook today…

There are more distractions. What are some of yours? And how do you deal with them? In my next post, I will talk about the pressure to do EVERYTHING and why we should say, “NO!”. Follow me so you don’t miss it!


4 responses to “Parenting Distraction Number One

  1. A couple weeks ago, I dropped my phone and killed it. It was actually a relief. The more stressed I am, the more likely I am to try to “escape” by staring into facebook. Occasionally, I will read something that will cheer or inspire me, but most likely, there will be just as many posts that make me feel bad… or just bored. We had lives before facebook ever existed. Remember those days? LOL. Sometimes I’m attached to my phone, because it’s also my camera. So if I’m having a good time with the kids or they do something cute, I want that photo. But do I really need a photo of everything? No. Yesterday at the park, I purposely decided to lock my phone in the car. And yes, I missed out on a few cute photos of the kids climbing trees and splashing in the fountain. But I also wasn’t worried about dropping it while we all ran across the grass playing Follow the Leader. I was good having a “hands free” morning. It was good to experience motherhood “unplugged”.

    • I was thinking of titling the post “back to the 90’s.” I do remember “before” we had all these things. It wasn’t that long ago. I am still trying to figure out, do I need official rules for myself or can I just be more aware of how attached I have become, and try to break the habit. I’ll let you know 🙂 I hope you drop your phone in the toilet soon, J/K 😉

  2. One recent “rule” I’m loosely working with is an every-other-hour type of thing. Like during even hours: 8am, 10am, 12pm, etc… I’m more directly and intentionally child-focused (playing a game, reading out loud, going on an outing) and paying less attention to housework or distractions. And during odd hours: 9am, 11am, 1pm… I give myself permission to focus on my own projects or take some kind of mental
    break (catch up on internet stuff). During those hours, I’m more apt to let the kids watch tv or figure out a dispute on their own or tell them “Mommy’s busy. I can help you in 5 minutes” etc.

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