Week One Marathon Training Recap

1 week down, 17 to go

My week one training went well. I am fighting off a cold and it was literally freezing in the mornings when I normally run. I skipped the early morning runs twice, and chose to run later with my double stroller. Doing this reminded me one of the reasons I didn’t used to like to run: it is really hard to run with any food in my stomach. I end up with a cramp. I normally run the first thing in the morning and never get a cramp from running at my comfortable pace.

Total miles this week: 15 miles
(3) 3 mile runs, (1) 6 mile run

Other notes:
Tried two different APPS to track my mileage and they were both completely off and not even close. The ones I tried this week were runtastic and endomondo. I would really like to get a Garmin watch. I hear they are the most accurate.

I really, really, really need some new shoes. I am planning on buying some in February. I usually go with Adidas because I have found they don’t need much breaking in. Not sure if I will go to Soul to Soul or order online from Running Warehouse. Soul to Soul is local and I have heard great things, but I have always gotten a great deal from Running Warehouse. They also have a 15% off liquidation products code for Facebook friends enter “FB15D”code at checkout.

By the way, here is the training program I am following Hal Higdon Training Program


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