Day One Full Marathon Training

Day One of my 18 week marathon training plan. This is the first time I have started a run training plan in January. If anyone who lives outside of California is reading this, they are going to think I am whining. I know, there could be snow, there could be rain, but 26 degrees is freakin’ cold! (I can just hear a friend of mine from Minnesota, when she lived in California, she refused to say it was cold, she would only say, “It’s cool.”)

I have also woken up the last few days feeling like I have a brick in my chest when I breathe. So there are my excuses. And my assignment was only a 3 mile run, which I do regularly anyway..

Don’t worry! I didn’t skip my first training run. I just ran later in the day, pushing 60+ pounds of kids/doublestroller (normally I run in the morning before my husband goes to work.)

It may have been my slowest 3 miles ever at 35:20. I am frustrated that I can not find an APP that accurately measures my distance. Today I used Endomodo. It said I ran almost 3.5 miles, totally off. I’m going to try runtastic next time.


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