Why I don’t want to self-publish

I have been doing some reading up on self-publishing lately. It is tempting, and everyone keeps asking me why I don’t just do it.

Like an American Idol contestant, I have a dream. There are hundreds if not thousands of singers on American Idol who think they are great but are obviously not. What if all of them put their music on itunes? I’m sure their friends and family would purchase their music but how would anyone else be able to tell what was actually good and bad. It would take forever to find something good.


I want to hear from the Simon Cowell of the publishing world and know whether I’m even any good. And if I am, it comes down to this; I don’t just want to be published and have 50 people buy my book. And I’m not even talking about money here, although of course; writing would be a dream way to earn a living. I am trying to do something with my book. I have a vision. I have a unique perspective into Christianity that I have infused into my book.

I was an atheist until I was 24. I understand why and how unbelievers think and reason. I now see the world through a different lens. I have been a Christian for almost ten years. I know there is a God and He loves me. He has given me a hope and a purpose that has completely changed everything about my life. He has changed me.

So my book is about this. It is not about me, but about a girl with no hope who finds hope. It is not written for Christians. It is written for someone who is trying to figure out what life is about and who they are.

The difficult thing about my book is it does not fit into the Christian market (most Christian books are written for Christians and do not include the authentic situations the main character in my book experiences.) I do think Christians will enjoy it and I hope they will buy it and feel comfortable giving it to their non-Christian friends. It also doesn’t fit into the secular market. It is probably too clean and it definitely talks about God (specifically Jesus Christ) too much.

The best comparison I can make is in a movie. There are a lot of cheesy Christian movies out there. Many Christians enjoy these but wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing their unbelieving friends to see them. There is one Christian movie though that was marketed to a secular audience. Most Christians know that at the heart, its goal is to talk about the hope of Christ, and the fact that He has a plan, especially when we go through difficult times. That movie is Soul Surfer. I guess my book is like Soul Surfer because it will be entertaining for both audiences while also sharing the gospel message. I don’t think there are too many books like that.


My goal is to publish traditionally and use Christian marketing to get this book into the hands of people who can relate with the main character and hear the way God can change their life.

I will post Chapter One here soon. I can’t post the entire book but I will start posting a few chapters. It would be extremely helpful to hear your thoughts about this.


2 responses to “Why I don’t want to self-publish

  1. good for you! I’ve gone through the same dilemma of “to publish, or to self-publish”. There’s definitely something to be said about having a publishing company say “your book is good enough”! Your blog is definitely going to help, and when your book finally does go to print, I will be the first one in line to buy it!

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