Top Ten Ways to be Successful with Weight Loss Resolutions

Are you making resolutions this year? Have you made the same ones in previous years? If so, what about this year do you think will be different?

For me, I have wrestled with my weight and food issues for as long as I can remember. I had a whole blog devoted to this last year. And in 2012, I conquered some of my major issues with food. I know it is a big mental thing for me. I also came very close to getting to my goal weight. I had a set back in October though. I was in the best shape of my life and getting so close to my weight goal. But then, I broke my toe. It was my pinkie toe. It was less than a week after I ran my 3rd half marathon of 2012. It seems really dumb now, but breaking my toe, threw me into this ridiculous spiral in which I stopped eating clean and since have gained about ten pounds back. I am running again. But I have not been able to mentally get my food and nutrition focus back (the holidays have not helped!)

So this year, I know what I need to do for New Years. And its more than a resolution. It is getting focused and getting back to where I want to be and finish my weight loss journey.

So here is my top ten plan for staying focuses in 2013 and getting to my goal.

1) Be ready! When January 1 rolls around, I need to have healthy food ready to eat so I’m not stuck eating left-over Christmas cookies for breakfast.

2) Throw out the junk. Do you really need to keep the half platter of monkey bread and grandma’s fudge? If you think throwing it out is a waste, what is worse; throwing it into the garbage or smearing it on your problem areas and taking even longer to reach your goal?


3) Be prepared with a plan. Know what you will eat for each meal and snack every day. Make it something easy, especially the snacks. If you are too hungry you will go for quick convenience that can bombard your plan and success.

4) Track and measure and eat CLEAN. Even if you eat healthy you can eat too much OR too little! Find out how much you should be consuming. There are great online calories resources myfitnesspal is one, or consider joining Weight Watchers. Then invest in a food scale. Count your calories. Write down everything you eat. Have you heard of clean eating? This has been the key for me that helped me get past my year-long plateau.

5) Plan for some indulgences. Lets call them PIs (planned indulgences). What makes you think you can eat junk throughout the holidays and cold turkey go straight to carrots and celery and cabbage soup. You can lose weight and enjoy food. But it needs to be planned and eaten under control. And guess what? It even tastes better that way!

6) Get moving! Find a way to exercise that you enjoy. And remember, the fact that you burned calories doesn’t give you an excuse to eat more – you are doing it to burn calories, not give yourself a reason to super-size. There are tons of fun ways to exercise. Be creative. Or maybe give something a try that you didn’t think you liked before. Check out my previous post.

7) Buddy up. Find someone to hold you accountable. Be successful together.

8) Make daily and weekly positive goals that will help you lose weight. The goal is not the number on the scale, but a goal that will help you reach it. The goal should be writen in the positive not “I won’t” but I will do this today. A few examples: today I will write down all my food, this week I will exercise for 30 minutes 4 times, this week I will try a new vegetable, today I will have 8 servings of fruit/veggies.

9) Try green smoothies for a snack. They are filling and add a lot of produce. If you use greek yogurt you will also add a lot of filling protein.


10) Add strength training, not just cardio. I have fallen in love with short burst strength training. I am also excited to get started with my new kettlebells I got for Christmas! Strength training builds muscle which increases metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

Now your turn! What are your plans and goals? Do you have any secrets to weightloss success? What helps you stay focused?


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