A Run with a View

santa cruz mts

I grew up in California’s South Bay Area. When you grow up surrounded by such beauty, you don’t even know to appreciate it. Gorgeous green hills, mountains, redwood trees and trails around every corner is taken for granted and sadly not appreciated.

I always wanted to be a runner. And I did enjoy walking a lot. I tried and tried to get myself to run and it was always a chore. Something I had to push myself to do. I would procrastinate, put it off and be “too busy.”

I always lived within walking distance of fabulous trails. And I did use them sometimes, but I never truly appreciated them. They aren’t what helped me become a runner.

Six years ago my husband and I moved to a small town a little south of Fresno. I actually and unexpectedly love my town. It is home. It is a wonderful small community of amazing people. But the thing I miss, almost more than family and friends, is the Bay Area trails.

I did finally become a runner after having my first baby. And at first I did have to push myself to go out and run. Where I live now, there are no trails. There are neighborhoods and there are grapevines and there are some orchards. My view is mostly pavement and houses. So I know now, running isn’t about what you see while you run. But having scenery is such a wonderful bonus. Anytime I visit my family in the Bay Area, I am excited to run on my old trails.

campbell trail 2

Right now I am visiting. Even though it is raining and I have a cold, I ran my old Campbell Creek Trail today. No one else was out there. It was pouring down rain. My shoes were sopping wet from unnoticed puddles, but I ran the quick two-mile course. I just can’t come here and not take advantage of the beauty. And even though I was wet from rain and hot from being bundled in my sweater, I enjoyed every minute of my run today.

campbell 3

As I saw the quarter-mile markers fly by that I used to anticipate so I could stop and walk, it got me to thinking; how did I become a runner? I wanted to be one for so long and had all the tools I needed: beautiful trails, good shoes, TIME, and even motivation. But it took more than that to actually become a runner. The kind of runner who doesn’t have to force myself out of bed to run. The kind of runner who loves to run and feels there is something missing from my day if I can’t get my run in. My next post will be a continuation of this one and will be called 7 ways to become a runner.


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