The Secret World of Blog

I’ve only dabbled a little in the blog world. I have a few blogs I enjoy reading. They are sent to my email and are based on subjects I am very interested in, and written by experts in each field. I also have friends who have family blogs I like to look at. Besides that, I really don’t understand the blog world, although, obviously I am trying to figure it out.

I have written a few blogs in the past (on blogspot) and posted them to Facebook. One was a Fall blog where I did a different pumpkin recipe every day. The other was about food issues, dieting and body image. Besides a few of my Facebook friends, I don’t think many people saw my blogs.

I was really surprised yesterday after I posted my first blog here, a bunch of people who I am not friends with on Facebook “liked” my post. Where did they come from? How did they see my blog. I know I am showing my obvious blog-ignorance. I looked at all of the blogs from people who liked mine. A lot of them were really interesting, but content-wise didn’t have much in common with mine. I don’t mean to offend anyone but I am really curious.. Do people just go around liking blogs, to try to get their’s noticed? Or, do they really like the blog? I am really wondering. And what are some blog etiquettes or rules that a newbie like me has no idea about? Or any other blog secrets? Please share!


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